The project sponsor is C*SPACE gGmbH with the C*SPACE, co-working and project room in Weißensee with the motto: Ideas & Encounters Across Borders. In this project, we initiated and supported the cooperation of five curated pro-lay teams. Lay people were the social actors. These were residents of Berlin, neighbors of different ages and with diverse cultural backgrounds and biographies. The mentors Andrés Castoldi, Maude Fornaro, Frishteh Sadati, Jakob Joiko and Eva Susanne Schmidhuber are filmmakers and artists with experience in participatory processes. In August 2021, each of the five teams jointly produced a 10-minute video walk on the topic of diversity in the Pankow district. 
In addition, the process of the project was filmed by me, I was also a jury and was presented at the closing event in Kulturzentrum Brotfabrik, Berlin in September 2021.
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