The International School of London will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year. And within the celebration program, I was invited to create short videos, with characters ranging from students of different grades, teachers and parents of students. 
The School is based in London, and has a renowned reputation. Being there was a unique experience, you experience what the school offers, I intended to visually do what I experienced there, I believe I got a very satisfactory result. 
Parents, students, teachers and staff received the video in a way that made me confirm that storytelling is what moves me.
Original content posted here. 
Photography, editing, sound by me: Randolfe Camarotto
Motion: Luiz Amorim
Production: Juliana Altoe
Claudia & Laura at ISL London
Haruka talks Music at ISL London
Gabriel talks Maths at ISL London
Adriana from ISL Design department
Parent talks about ISL London
Omar, Nadeem and Frankie at ISL London
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